Music was one of the defining sociocultural factors for our generation. It's no exaggeration to say we hung out all our lives, but the quality of sound rarely suited us. In 2009 it became clear we had to get down to business ourselves.

We walked the longest path. We shared tasks and mastered all the technologies on our own: from acoustic calculations and measurements to plastic casting and carpentry, from product photography to copywriting - to present the world with our first large system on September 14, 2014.

We looked for no investors, took out no loans and hired no workers. We just followed our dream studying slowly and persistently and our enterprise grew with the community's growing confidence in our work.

Combining traditional acoustic techniques with our innovative solutions, we developed recognizable approach of our own. Each product designed from scratch went through all stages of interim scientific justifications, refinement and adaptation to the series, so that our customers could receive stable, repetitive products with updatable presets, compatible architecture and fittings, as well as all the necessary support from the manufacturer.

Volnovod Acoustics a family business in its traditional sense, provides an opportunity to do what we see fit, rather than chase easy money for investors.

Our mission: producing modern acoustics for the Russian market, for its capabilities and tasks. We're proud of our sound set in Khabarovsk and Arkhangelsk, Tomsk and Cherepovets, where people weigh their choice and available resources carefully. Above all we work in the interests and for the benefit of all living beings.